Results are permanent.

“Michelle has done more for me in 3 sessions than 170 hours of traditional physical therapy was able to. It is amazing how poor posture can cause injury, inhibit recovery and keep you from enjoying life pain free. Results are almost instantaneous and permanent. All you need is Michelle and the determination and will to change. Thanks for all you’ve done for me!” Rich B.  

Healing Motion Therapy saved my life.

 “After years of back surgeries, physical therapy, steroid injections,  acupuncture, chiropractics, pain clinics and many doctor’s visits I was  still in terrible pain. The Egoscue Method was the only therapy that  helped me. I am so glad to have met Michelle, the only Egoscue  therapist in the Twin cities. Everyone should experience the power she  has to help them live pain free.”
Shirley R. 

I can remain pain free.

 “I saw Michelle not expecting simple exercises to help my problems. To  my surprise, within a few days of starting her prescribed exercises my  knee, hip, and headaches were markedly better. Now as long as I do my  exercises I remain pain free. It is a truly empowering experience.”
Mark J., N.D. 

Healing Motion has given me my mobility back

“The exercises that Michelle has prescribed makes me functional and have freed me from my chronic pain so I can enjoy many more activities. Before seeing Michelle I hadn’t played golf in years-but after seeing her I have been able to play 18 holes again.” Charlie B.  

Today I am pain free.

 “After months of working with doctors and physical therapists that told me  that they couldn’t help me with my pain, Michelle helped me work through  my postural issues that were causing my knee pain. Today I am pain  free, running, and know that I will be for the rest of my life thanks to  Michelle and the Egoscue Method! I tell people about Michelle on a  weekly basis because I know she can help them with their pain too!”
Kris C. 

Egoscue is the only lasting cure.

 “Michelle and Egoscue are the only thing that has given me freedom  from pain. I tried many other remedies including PT, acupuncture, and  traditional medicine, but I have learned now, when I hurt, Egoscue is  the only lasting cure. It is easy and it works!” Cathy D. 

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I can dance again!

 “I've had plantar fasciitis pain for over 2 1/2 years, and I was forced to retire from dancing. I tried acupuncture, physical  therapy, massage, boot stretchers, all to no avail.  After one  session with Michelle, the pain was dramatically reduced.  By doing my  exercises every day, I was able to make it through a very intense dance  workshop, where we were dancing 6-8 hours a day!  I had ZERO pain that whole week!  I’m now back to dancing and incredibly  grateful, thank you!!” Julie H. 

The exercises are easy and I live pain free.

 “After many years of living with chronic back and neck pain and  receiving physical therapy,  chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage,  I’ve found the simple exercises Michelle of Healing Motion prescribed  have given the greatest relief. The exercises are easy and I live pain  free by investing this small amount of time everyday. Thank you  Michelle!” Julie D

A remedy for chronic pain that doesn’t include prescriptions or surgery.

“I found Michelle after 2 separate rounds of P.T. that were unsuccessful in treating sciatica.  Through  proper alignment, I’ve gotten relief from sciatica, as well as neck/shoulder pain that was causing frequent headaches. I was also using orthotics, hoping to keep plantar  fasciitis from returning.  Shortly after starting Egoscue, I was able  to stop using orthotics while continuing to walk daily without  pain.  I’m grateful for a remedy  that doesn’t include prescriptions or surgery."  Judy S

I have Hope!

 “I’ve been doing them faithfully everyday for 2 weeks now. WOW. I  HAVE HOPE! I have started to feel  relief with my symptoms. I can feel the muscles in my  back starting to relax and it feels great. The
changes in my back feel awesome and I know with time my condition is  going to continue to improve. Michelle…Thank you so much for what you’ve  chosen to do. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t learned  about you.”
Katherine C.