Healing Motion Therapy


Simple, effective exercises with immediate results


  •   Healing Motion Therapy is a holistic approach at relieving pain by changing the body’s posture.  It uses gentle strengthening and stretching exercises that effectively change the alignment of the body.  

Trusted Experience

  • Michelle has over 22 years of experience using the Egoscue Method and has helped hundreds of clients live pain free.   Michelle graduated with a B.A. in Exercise Physiology, and trained and  worked at the main Egoscue clinic in San Diego for four years from  1997-2001. She has also served as the interim director of the Egoscue  clinic in Chicago in 2004 . Michelle is the only experienced therapist  offering this technique in Minnesota.  

Therapy Process

  •  The therapy process begins with an initial consultation to visually  determine the alignment of your body. Photos are taken to compare your  posture to the ideal blueprint of the body. Overall posture and gait are  assessed and an individually tailored set of exercises is designed for  each client. Clients continue their exercises at home and are  reevaluated for a new set of exercises with each visit. Most clients see and feel the difference with the first session. 


Open by appointment

Healing Motion Therapy

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